Both of my fathers have been in the carpentry trade. One is my earthly father, the other is my Heavenly Father. This is why I call myself, “The Carpenter’s Daughter.” I have always been curious about the art of woodworking. It fascinates me how a carpenter can take a rough, uneven piece of wood and turn it into a work of art. Sometimes it is a table. Sometimes it is a cabinet, or shutters for the house. Whatever it is, it is always beautiful. It’s a mystery to me. I can barely use a tape measure, much less build a set of cabinets. How in the world do they do it?I have a memory of building a little toy pick-up with my earthly dad. I must have been about 5, but I can remember how much fun it was. I still recall how BIG I felt getting to use my dad’s tools. It was exhilarating! It is the same thing with my Heavenly Father, only a thousand time better! The difference is that I am the wood he is working with (My maiden name is, “Wood!”). I am most certainly rough around the edges. I need a LOT of sanding, smoothing, leveling, and several coats of fresh paint. I am a work in progress. Thank heavens my Heavenly Father is so patient and kind, so incredibly intricate, and immersed in His work. He has literally sweated drops of blood over his work on me. I have splintered, cracked, swelled, and warped, but He keeps right on building. He never gives up. He sacrificed it all so that I could be called His own. He did this so I would be able to help Him in His trade. He does not need me; He is capable of doing everything on His own. He just loves his creation so much, and he chose to include me in His work. I get to help Him build a little truck, so to speak. How exhilarating! I know that He will have to come along beside me and clean up so many messes, but HE CHOSE ME! HE LOVES ME! And guess what? HE CHOSE YOU TOO!!! So, step into the carpentry shop with us. He has a place for you there as well. You do not have to be perfect, He knows our weaknesses. He is going to have to pull out some splinters here and there…but it is so worth it! Just think of all the things that He can teach us. Think of all the ways he could use us for His glory. There are endless possibilities with the Master Carpenter! Thank you Jesus, for your ultimate sacrifice! To You alone be the GLORY!!!

“Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Philippians 1:6


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  1. Hi, it is me, the Carpenter’s daughter’s mommy! I remember that little truck. You were so proud to have had a hand in building it. You came from the garage, walking behind Dad, just beaming.
    I can see from this blog (and many other things in your life) that my prayer for you when you were little was answered.
    After pondering what you would be when you grew up, I prayed, “Whatever she is Lord, make her creative.” That was very important to me. Being creative is a door to so many wonderful things in life. Life is never boring for creative people. Creative people are never boring to others. God was certainly feeling “artsy craftsy” the day He made you! What a delight and joy you are. I know your heart’s desire is to use your creativity as a tool share the love of Christ. Love forever, and ever, Mom

  2. You had to write that AFTER I put on my mascara!!! I LOVE you, Mommy (for ever, and ever)!!! ❤

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